hands to till

Find us a few good women, a few good women

To rouse the soul

Awaken flagging spirits

“Find us a few good men”, she said

Eyes scouring mine

As if to empty them

And then we held hands, touched fingers.


Find us a few good men, a few good men

To build the house, hold it up

To fill the stores and kindle the fire

“Find us a few good women”, she said

We touched cheeks, rubbed noses

But the questions hang, ponderous,

In the air.


And so I went, I looked

Amongst my people and our friends

The folks I know

And among the strangers

Crowds small and thick

Up in the hills

Down in the gutters

Within the walls

Even amongst my kin

And lo, I find none to call.


Find us a few good souls

To renew the land, lead the way

“A simple task”, she said

Rubbed noses and touched fingers

Sad rains and merry droughts

Many months, still on the job